744 Kuya Sherwin’s Art Workshop with JD Salvador

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Written by Sponsor, Kuya Sherwin Ng

Sometimes the harshness of reality keeps us winded and wounded as we desperately grapple for hope. This thought came to my mind as we visited John David Salvador and spent half a day with the “left-alone” kids. While I never experienced to be “left-alone”, I once had 3 jobs in 3 different locations while pursuing for my college degree. My mother and I boarded and skip rental payments in a dwelling that cannot fit my frame standing up. Our house got burned (twice), father died and business failed. These events shook me and had me doubting “Hope”.

My team and I went to John David Salvador to let these kids see that although it’s hard to fathom, “Hope”, it is not lost. Somehow there are still good samaritans willing to help. Somehow grappling with perseverance can help us climb out of a sinking mud. Somehow, the wander and the laughter of the kids can still be relived.

We were able to talk with them, play with them, partner with them, compete with them, imagine and laugh with them. We were even able to have a small feast with them.

Their dilated eyes and innocent smiles tell us that yes – Hope is not lost. And we just helped fanned a flickering hope by simply being there.

Another Testimonial from Volunteer, Kuya Jayz Calibo

It was Saturday, April 31 and was the best time to relax after a week of spending time in school yet I decided to be one of the volunteers for an Art Worshop at JD Salvador Foundation in Tondo Manila organized by U!Happy. In case you wonder why I was able to wake up at 5 am just to prepare for the event, I initially wanted to go because of a project given to us by my professor in college. However, as I read some posts in the facebook page of U!Happy my heart was touched because it gave me an impression that volunteering is more than just complying with a school project.

On the day itself, I went with a classmate and meet one of the organizers at Manila Hotel Lobby and we were gladly accompanied going to the venue. Going in a totally different place and getting myself involved, for the first time, in a totally different matter made me so nervous yet excited. While waiting for the children or the participants to arrive, we decided to prepare the materials we need for the Art Workshop. We were gladly guided by Ma’am Bianca, volunteer art teacher, on things that we needed to do and it was a great help and accommodation for first time volunteers. Before the actual event, we met all the other volunteers and organizers. The organizers briefed us on the things we should and should not do during the event which made me more comfortable and moving around. I met volunteers who came from different walks of life like model, celebrity, family-man, business people and commoner.

It was fun meeting different people and mingling with children knowing I, together with the team, made them happy in our own simple way of reaching out. It may appear insignificant for other people but if they would just take the chance of volunteering in events like this they will also have the chance of having a better grasp of what life is. The organizers, volunteers, the sponsor and most especially the children taught me a lot of things that I will forever treasure. They taught me how to forget about my own problems and live a life like an innocent child once again. In the end, this is more than just a school project, this is more about unfolding another part of my life which is the heart of reaching other people and transforming their lives through my own little ways. With this in mind, I want to thank the Lord and the people behind this for giving us the chance to take part in one of your meaningful events. I would also want to thank Mr. Sherwin for opening his heart and sponsoring this event, because of you I was inspired to sponsor, create or volunteer in more events that aim to touch people’s lives. Kudos to the entire team!

U! Happy Events

U! Happy Events