546 Kuya Santino’s Basketball Workshop with Little Lights

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Written by Kuya Harvard

Basketball continues to be the preferred sport or activity amongst Filipinos. In most baranggays you will find a court wherein basketball leagues are also common. Last July 25, 8 year old basketball fanatic, Kuya Santino celebrated with 30 kids from Little Lights Pasig. We had 10-14 year olds go through a dribble, pass and shoot clinic headed by strength Coach Dennis Dizon of Rain or Shine. He was accompanied by Kuya Jun Caidic, younger brother of legendary basketball player, Allan Caidic.

We started the afternoon with getting to know questions among the kids and family of Kuya Santino de Jesus. Questions about basketball abound like their favorite players and teams. It is interesting to know how much these children know about the sport at a young age.

Coach Dennis took the helm and jump started it with a dribble relay game. It was his way also of checking the skill level of the children. It was a competitive learning activity. Each player found their way rushing to each orange cone with two hands busy. One dribbling and another rolling the ball.

Warm up ensued to get the blood flowing. A number of stretching activities mostly with running was taught to the children. It was also a way for the coach to highlight the value of warming up before any physical activity.

The dribbling clinic was relayed by partnering. Each one of the two members alternated to learn from another as Coach Dennis echoed a progressive proper dribbling skills. After these, three types of passing were shared. The chest, over head and the bounce pass. We got to apply these also on a shooting contest that followed after.

Now to apply the whole stretch of clinic, we had the 6 teams play against each other. A five minute running on a whole court was our culminating activity. Here we saw upgraded level of basketball being played and happiness too. The workshop reached its goals indeed.

Thanks again to Kuya Santino’s family who took time to bless the community children of Little Lights. Thanks to Lola Zen and his parent’s Jeff and Bianca de Jesus.

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