315 Kuya Rudyard’s Dance Workshop with Gentle Hands

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Written by Kuya Harvard

We met Kuya Rudyard Veniegas in our event with Philippine Society for Orphan Disroders. He got our invite online. As we increase our social media and website presence, we have had a continuous increase of volunteers from the net. We’re glad Kuya Rudyard went back to us and created his own event with kids. It was his birthday celebration together with friend, Ate Sionie.

It was our second trip to Gentle Hands. The first one was with a school nearby, Benedectine International School. It was a baking workshop were kids got creative and amazed on how to make their favorite desserts. This time we opted for movement, style and fun through dance.

Although, we had a number of dance workshops in the past, each one provides a different culture and feel. This one was special because most of the kids love dancing.

We started the day introducing the volunteers to everyone. They were encouraged to share their name, favorite shape and song. For fun, they were not allowed to repeat anything mentioned. At the end, 3 volunteers stayed to dance as their consequence.

The kids then took the time to introduce themselves to their team after they were grouped into four. Dance Showdown followed. It was a game more than showing their moves. It was also about the willingness to follow your leader (in doing the steps) and working together to have a better performance.

We had lunch and took a break. Friends and birthday celebrants Ate Nadine and Ate Rachel sponsored and served ice cream after. It felt so right from the afternoon’s blistering sun.

We took the time to sing a birthday song for 6 May 14 celebrants after. Yes, the four sponsors all had the same birthdates. So was Meci and Kuya Harvard. It was surprising to witness that. We made sure the moment had a cake with it too.

Last stop was the workshop itself. It was the second time for Kuya Japs to lead us in fun and the discipline to learn steps and better movements. We danced in the tune of Happy by Pharell Williams. 🙂

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