366 Kuya Rae’s Zumba with Virlanie Foundation

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Written by Secretary, Glenn Costales

Makati Coliseum graciously welcomed once again the team of U! Happy Events for another Saturday event. Kuya Rae Guinto, a young professional working in the telecom industry, partnered with U! for his birthday celebration with 34 kids from Virlanie Foundation. Virlanie is a private, non-profit organization providing help and shelter to street children from different parts of the Philippines.

Kuya Rae brought along his friends to celebrate with him and be an ate/ kuya to the excited kids. A number of U! volunteers showed up as well to join in on the birthday affair.

To start off, the kids first got some colorful art with a face-paint treat even before the activities officially got underway. The kids were pumped to have Elsa (Frozen), Iron Man, Hello Kitty and some other characters come to life in their cheeks and arms.

As the kids sat down, the volunteers lined up eager to meet them and quite ecstatic to get the festivities started. After being distributed into groups, everyone was given time to get acquainted and break the ice so-to-speak.

With everyone comfortable, the groups then readied themselves for the Golden Spoon game. In this game, the teams had to use spoons to transfer water from one container to an empty bottle from a few steps away. The teams competed for the most amount transferred in a total of 2 minutes. A few spills and cheers later, one team came out as the most ‘fluid’ and won the game.

With just a little time to catch their breath, the entire group immediately prepared for the next activity – Zumba! Ate Kristie Bonifacio, a certified Zumba instructor for both adults and kids, took front and center to lead an exhilarating Zumba experience. It definitely didn’t take long for everyone to get their groove on as they bounced to the different beats of the high-energy workshop.

After that, the group cooled down for a much deserved meal. The volunteers and kids also got some more time to talk to each other (using the U! Profile Exchange).

Not long after that, the kids lined up to receive their gifts from Kuya Rae. They also made sure to give their new Ates and Kuyas a tight hug to show their appreciation for the day.

The team of U! Happy Events wishes Kuya Rae a very blessed year ahead and we hope to be able to partner with him again. Thanks to him and his friends, as well as the other volunteers, for sharing their time with the kids of Virlanie.

U! Happy Events

U! Happy Events