658 Kuya Oliver’s Baking Workshop with Little Lights

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Written by U! Happy Events’ Staff, Ate Glyza Loleng
Edited by Board Member, Ate Ren dela Cruz

The longest festive season in our country is here and most people are preparing for this holiday event. The food is planned in preparation for Noche Buena, where all families get to spend time together. This is the children’s favorite month, as well as for those of us who are young at heart. It is the time when we are allowed to go back and reminisce our childhood days, while maybe sitting under the Christmas Tree. And during this month, cookies play an important role as we use them as giveaways to our loved ones and friends. That day, Kuya Oliver set a workshop with Little Light Ministry children, with little hands that will create their very own Christmas cookies.

Baking is a fun hobby, a rewarding skill to master. It requires meticulous measurements to arrive at the desired product whether it is cookies, cakes or breads. This young little girl named Sasha, aged 9, mastered the art of baking through the help of her supportive father, Lakan. She taught the kids to create their own cookies. Who would have thought that she had this passion at such a young age? After showing the steps, it was the kids’ turn to shine together with their Ates and Kuyas. Let’s see if they can captivate our hungry tummies! There were five tables and there were a bunch of bare cookies and cupcakes, sprinkles, chocolates beads, icing with different vibrant colors. Kuya Harvard gave them only 30 minutes to design it. The loveliest yummy looking cookies will win a prize. In this workshop, our goal was to train them to work with quality and fancy a good outcome under time pressure. Kids from Groups 2 and 3 were declared as winners. Everyone did well though, and for us we were all winners.

Our events will be less exciting if there are no games. Since it was intended for our adorable children, Kuya Harvard started the first game and he called it “Let It Go”, YES! You heard it right. The motion sound track of Disney movie, Frozen. But the kids, Ate’s and Kuya’s wont be able to practice their vocal chords to sing their heart out if you’re thinking that way. They were going to use their energy, to expel the air out of their lungs, their wind pipes will do the major part to blow the balloon then deflate it and see how far it will go, then back to first step. Inflate and deflate until they reach the finish line. It was quite an exhausting game I may say but it was really fun to watch. My group won this time. Second game was called “Make It Stand!” where all the cones scattered wide away from each other and were not upright intentionally. The mechanics of the games was to make it stand, as many as you can within 10 seconds. In this game, we were going to look for who’s the fastest among the groups. They were all competitive and their eagerness to win were very visible.

Kids enjoyed their spaghetti and chicken as their merienda, who all needed the energy after the activity earlier. We would like to thank Kuya Oliver, Ate Malou and their friends for making this possible. The kids all received pillows and gifts prepared by them as well. Returning all the blessings and volunteering is an act of kindness. And since it was Kuya Oliver’s birthday, kids sang with all their heart a “Happy Birthday” and gave a warm, tight hug. Truly, when you bless others, the windows of heaven will open to pour everything you need. We believe this to be true for kuya Oliver and his fiancee, ate Malou.

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