702 Kuya Nimrod Celebrates with Jesus Loves the Little Children Foundation

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Written by Kuya Harvard

Sometimes discovering us happens through another person. Thank to best friend, Kuya Gari Lazaro, we got to celebrate Kuya Nimrod Cubangay’s birthday with 24 children of Jesus Loves the Little Children. I like going back here to catch up with the kids. On top of being friendly, they have so much energy to give.

Kuya Nimrod’s family was all present. So we had a full range of ages. As young as two for his nephew and all the way to late 50s as both parents were around.

On this morning celebration we prepared 3 games that have been popular all year last year. We had Bato Bato Pick, Cheese Ring Relay and Pass the Ball. Yes three games got all competitive and none of the participants got tired after all of that. There was too much enjoyment.

After serving food which served as a break for them, we gave out school supplies. It was an appropriate give away as all the children were scholars of River Springs. We also had the venue there.

It was an emotional moment when we called on the celebrant so we can sing for him. It wasn’t the chocolate cupcake that brought about happy tears, it was simply being appreciative and being part of a something special. Thank you once again to you Kuya Nimrod!

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