308 Kuya Moses Celebrates with Virlanie Foundation

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Written by Board Member, Glenn Costales

The Makati Coliseum once again received the U! Happy Events Team for another Create Your Own Event last April 12. Ate Amor Rebibis, our sponsor, partnered with us to celebrate the 7th birthday of her son Moses. The group once again reached out to 50 wonderful kids from Virlanie Foundation to join the day’s activities.

With Ate Amor’s friends present, as well as a number of volunteers, the participants huddled into several groups as they got to know each other through U!’s Profile Exchange activity. Though a bit timid at first, the kids eventually became comfortable as they exchanged different details about themselves – their favorite colors, school subjects, and actors, among others.

Kuya Kobe then got the festivities off to a rousing start with his magic performance. Both volunteers and kids sat in awe as they witnessed his astonishing acts on display.

Next up, the groups then prepared for an old school game of Bato-bato-pick. Everyone got to stretch their legs, not to mention their fists, as they went around the venue to battle different people for a chance to be the grand winner. They also got a chance to know other people as they had to exchange some information first before shrugging rock, paper or scissor.

The groups then put their facial muscles to work for the game Shape Expressions. In this game, the teams had to act out the given expression (happy, excited etc.) but at the same time forming the shape being asked for (heart, diamond, etc.). Everyone gamely participated as they ‘exaggerated’ their way to win points.

For the third and final game, the groups were given paper cups that they had to form into different (and exact) pyramids. Their brain juices were now at work as they attempted to figure out the exact number of cups needed for each pyramid being asked for. One team emerged the winner after several rounds.

Throughout the different games, Kuya Harvard made it a point to touch on the importance of the values that can be learned in playing team games. Team games present an opportunity not only to exercise physical abilities but also to highlight the morals of sportsmanship, teamwork and collaboration.

After everyone settled down, the group was then treated to a special performance of the Virlanie Foundation Choir. It was not only a moving demonstration of song and harmony but also a testament to the kind of skill that can be enhanced in a child given the right guidance and direction.

Lastly, the group shared a delightful meal which was followed by the blowing of the birthday cake for Moses, since the event was of course a birthday celebration. The kids then received their parting gifts as they embraced goodbye their ates and kuyas for the day.

The team of U! again thanks Ate Amor and Moses for their kindness to share blessings on their special day. The team is also grateful for their friends and for the other volunteers who took time to join the event. We encourage everyone to continue being agents of change and make a caring difference in society. For more ways to help out, visit our Upcoming Events page.

U! Happy Events

U! Happy Events