791 Kuya Mio’s Fish Art with Little Lights

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Written by Core Team Leader, Kuya Saimon Tortugo

Giving back during birthday parties and thinking about kids who are less fortunate than you in your own moments of celebration is the idea of Mio’s birthday party. At seven, Mio is just starting to understand how wonderful birthdays make us feel. With the efforts of Mio’s parents to teach their son the importance of giving back, even at times where moments are seemingly all about him, the birthday party with the kids of Little Lights Ministry was realized with the amazing support of U! Happy Events.

At the party, the children enjoyed activities and crafts, balloon twisting, games, magic show, and party favors. Mio and his friends together with the kids of Little Lights Ministry were grouped into five teams. First game played by the kids was “Cone Me Up,” where the kids’ knowledge with numbers were tested. In this game, group four won and showed the inner mathematicians in them. In the second game, group three bagged the prize as they show team work in the game “Pass the Message.” Aside from games, the children were amazed with the magic tricks and had fun guessing which animal was formed by the balloon twisting master. Lastly, teacher Robbie thought the kids how create art works such as paper fish, paper shrimp and other kinds of animals.

One of the best part of any birthday party? The food, of course! Children and other guests of Mio enjoyed unlimited ice cream, pizza, fried chicken, burger and the kids favorite, spaghetti. After the kids enjoyed the biggest merienda of their life, Mio surprised the kids of Little Lights Ministry with a simple present from the birthday boy’s big heart. Inside the big red bag, were toys, pillows, stuffed toys, bags and other school supplies. After the gifts were distributed, everyone sang happy birthday to Mio the birthday boy!

At a very young age it is nice to show a kid that it is not how much you give but how much love you put into giving.

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U! Happy Events