560 Kuya Miguel Celebrates with Gentle Hands

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Written by Core Team Leader, Edelma Sy

There aren’t many things more memorable to parents than their child’s first birthday. It is one major milestone we all want to mark with special celebration and great festivities. On August 9, through the creative effort of Baby Miguel’s family, a jungle-themed birthday party was organized. What made it extra special though is they celebrated not only with their relatives and friends, but also with 32 kids from Gentle Hands.

We arrived at the venue finding Ate Anne, decorating a jungle-themed backdrop complete with animal-shaped balloons. A very helpful Stella, Miguel’s sister, was also busy helping out sticking banners into the table. There were also cute cupcakes with safari toppers plus a wonderful jungle cake. Booths for cotton candy and fruit smoothies were also set up with candies being made. We knew then that this was going to be a marvelous morning!

It was not long after we finished setting up our registration area that guests started arriving. We called the kids upstairs and soon we were ready to begin!

To start the party, Ate Amy called the guests/volunteers in front to introduce themselves. They also mimicked the sound of their favorite animals before they were asked to join the five groups of kids which were to be their teams through the day. Questions were asked for a short get-to-know activity, and then we proceeded to play our first game.

The teams were to pick an animal which was to be their group name and made the loudest animal sound according to what they chose. Team Lion eventually won with their powerful roar.

Next was a fascinating bubble show that featured bubbles in numerous forms and sizes, and ultimately a chance for the kids and their partner volunteers to be inside a giant bubble! Of course, bursting the bubbles was part of the fun, and the kids eagerly popped them with their fingers.

The bubble show gave way to our next game, Hula Moves, a relay with two stations – a five minute dance and a hula hoop. It was a wonderful time watching mommies and even lolos dance and try to do the hula hoop to help their teams win. It was vigorous activity in which group 2 eventually won.

Knowing that our kids and volunteers needed to rest, we moved to an entertaining dance presentation from two very jolly staff of Jollibee. This was followed by an awe-inspiring poi spinning performance by our very own core team member, Ate Desiree. Everyone crowded around her in amazement as she danced while swinging her poi in different patterns. As if that was not cool enough, she also called several of the kids in front and they danced Nae Nae together!

After their dance, lunch time ensued. Jollibee meals were shared over hearty conversations among the kids and the guests. The server at the fruit shake stand also started to get busy as kids and adults alike queued up for a refreshing smoothie.

When mealtime was over, everyone gathered around Baby Miguel and his family to sing a birthday song for the star of the party before Ate Stella blew the candles and Mommy Kris and Daddy Magnus expressed their wonderful wishes for Miguel. Group photos were also taken with the birthday boy. The kids of Gentle Hands gave their Ates and Kuyas ‘Thank you’ hugs and then lined up to receive their gifts of cotton candies, hygiene kits and school supplies. They also got to take home the chocolate lollipops and the cupcakes brought by some guests.

When only the guests were left at the venue, up came a surprise guest for Baby Miguel and Ate Stella, Jollibee, who gave us the day’s last dance show to everybody’s delight. :)

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