436 Kuya Max Celebrates with Children’s Joy Foundation

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Written by Core Team Leader, Japhet Paragsa

It’s always a joy to see that at an early age parents are exposing their kids to the concept of sharing and giving back to the community. Last January 11, Sunday, Max celebrated his 7th birthday with the 40 kids of Children’s Joy Foundation.

The activity was kicked off by lining up the volunteers in front and introduced themselves as Pinoy superheroes, which was very apt for that afternoon’s affair. The superhero volunteers were then assigned to 6 groups of kids which will serve as their buddies the entire afternoon thus getting to know each other is a definite must.

We immediately proceeded with the first game called, The Twist Game. This is one of our newest games, taken from the Text Twist on your mobile games. Since we highly encourage physical activity and participation of everyone, we put a twist to the Twist. The game requires, lettered cups (based on the words to be guessed) and straws. Apart from testing the team’s vocabulary, this will also measure the team’s physical agility as they move the cups to the back using the straw provided to each of them. It was a delightful experience to see how smart and competitive each of the participants was. This activity really pumped up the energy of the group.

The excitement continues as Kuya Koby prepares to impress everyone with his magic. There was nothing but amazement in the audience as he performs his tricks and quirks. He even invited Max, the birthday celebrator, to do his own magic. You can sense uncertainty in the kid as he tried to perform magic and it was a delightful surprise when he did.

It was time for another game after the magic show. Everyone is familiar with the game, “Paint Me a Picture”. But what if we make it more challenging and turn into, “Act Me a Video”? Well, the kids with their Ates and Kuyas very well took on that challenge as they acted One Direction Concert, Basketball Finals and a Roller Coaster Ride. Wow! I thought those were tough. But that was me, of course. What I saw from the participants were never short of creativity and energy as they acted out those scenarios. It was impressive!

But the showcase of talents did not end there. The CJF kids proved they have some musicality in them as they performed for the group. They even performed side by side with our guest singer, Kuya Jason, who gamely took on requests from the kids. I must say, the kids are very much updated on the latest hits today.

Indeed, it was another wonderful and worthwhile Sunday afternoon spent with the kids of CJF. We hope to see more Max and his parents who have the heart for these kids to share their blessings with. Until our next U! happy event. See you there!

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