512 Kuya Mac’s Story Telling Workshop with National Children’s Hospital

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Written by Core Team Leader, Edelema Sy

One of the two events that capped off May was spent with young warriors at the Hema Ward of NCH. It was a bright Sunday morning and we were able to make it brighter for the kids, thanks to Kuya Mac who was celebrating his birthday, and Ate Eloisa, who coordinated with U!Happy to make the event happen. 🙂 Together with their friends and several volunteers, they gave the kids and their families a much welcomed time of fun and enjoyment.

We started by pairing our volunteers with the kids, then Ate Amy encouraged everyone to get up and out into the hall by giving a prize to the first five pairs to come out. When everyone was gathered in the hallway, one of our volunteers, Kuya Ars, so kindly showed us an amazing performance of his talent, contact juggling, and left everyone in delight and awe.

Next in line to entertain our kids were a pair of jolly storytellers, Kuya Rich and Kuya Lance who caught everyone’s attention with their cool voices and animated actions. We then distributed Adarna books to each volunteer to read to their pair for a more intimate interaction. The kids also got to keep the books as their gifts. After the one-to-one storytelling session, food were distributed, and the volunteers spent their merienda time to get to know the kids and their families, as well as to pray for the their healing.

More volunteers took the extra mile for the event as two sisters brought a bagful of plush toys which they, along with Kuya Mac and Ate Eloisa, gladly distributed to the kids. It was such a moving experience to see friends and even strangers join together to bring joy, hope and strength to children enduring tough battles against cancer. Despite the gloom in their condition, the kid’s brave smiles shone brighter than the sun did that day, and we are grateful to our sponsors and our volunteers who made it possible.

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