817 Kuya Lucky Celebrates with Little Lights

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Written by Kuya Harvard

Kuya Lucky was fortunate indeed since we got to organize this thanksgiving outreach with his family and close friends in just a few days. The kids are even more blessed with Kuya Lucky’s overwhelming generosity. He provided a McDonald’s feast of Chicken and Spaghetti plus Burger McDo and Sundae. On top of this he also gave away school supplies sets and baon packs.

It was such a rush event that I personally bought the groceries for baon pack two days before and got the core team to pack it on the day itself. We normally give ourselves two weeks lead time. We just couldn’t resist Kuya Lucky’s request to extend his 10 year celebration of being part of Toyo Adtec, a hardware company providing electronic chips and the like.

The games we had were two and they got everyone involved. In Blow Me Up they just needed to copy Ate Chessika’s balloon size and do it first as a team. This one got competitive as each team was shouting their group names every round. The second one was relatively more peaceful as they just had to pass the ball around their teams, stand up and and form a symbol when the music stops.

Kuya Jepoy, our magician did great entertainment with flying objects and disappearing acts. He also got kids to volunteer to ‘learn’ magic for a more interactive experience. The audience was giving all their attention while the 30 minute show was going on.

Our group would like to thank Kuya Lucky again for his love for the kids! :)

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