470 Kuya Kevin’s Mural Workshop with Gawad Kalinga Pateros

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Written by Core Team Leader, Jap Paragsa

Gawad Kalinga’s SIBOL Learning Center at GK Santa Ana Village, Pateros, officially opened on June 25, 2014. The learning center aims to prepare the kids for formal schooling while teaching them good values which is critical in their formative years. Though the center is fully functional and serves its purpose, the kids of the centers are in for a special treat. Through the generous heart of Kuya Kevin, the learning center is about to come alive and will make learning more enjoyable for the kids.

Last Sunday, March 15, we went to the learning center together with a group of volunteers. We were welcomed by 25 kids, their parents and some other volunteers supporting the learning center. Everyone can hardly contain their excitement for the task at hand. But of course, we need to acquaint ourselves with the people we will work with.

The children were grouped into 5 and were assigned some volunteers to assist them in the activities in store for them. We started getting each other by exchanging information on our favorite colors and best friends. It was a good thing to note that the kids were able to establish such close relations amongst themselves; one of the positive things that the learning center has brought to the lives of the kids.

After getting to know each other, Ate Blanca took the stage to give us instructions on the task ahead. Everyone cannot wait to get hold of a brush and some paint to get started. Finally, when everything was set, we took our spot and started to paint the learning center. The kids seemed really absorbed and focused in painting. The Ates and Kuyas were on standby to provide assistance when necessary. After more than an hour of continuous work, the characters around the walls of the learning center started to come alive. It was all very inspiring to see that from a blank canvas, it has turned into a work of art. More importantly, it was primarily painted by the kids themselves.

Everyone was asked to go on a break for some snacks after a job well done. After eating, gifts were given out to the kids courtesy of Kuya Kevin. But before we let them go, Kuya Harvard did an impromptu story telling from one of the books we have on hand. From the looks on the kids faces and their reaction, looks like Kuya Harvard did a good job.

Before we left the learning center, we took one last peek on its new look and cannot help but feel overly proud of what we have accomplished. Through the goodness of our sponsor and volunteers hearts, the focus and hard work of the kids, we were able to come up with something amazing. Hopefully, the new look of the learning center will inspire more kids to learn more while having fun and for more volunteers who never get tired of helping and being a blessing to others.

Kudos to everyone for a job very well done!

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