646 Kuya Kevin’s Christmas Bells with Gawad Kalinga Laura

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Written by Board Member, Issa Gayatin

And after almost a year, I was back again in Gk Laura. Ate Amy and I arrived very early for Kuya Kevin’s birthday event. How time flies that some of the kids we knew were now grown ups and they’re not anymore taking part in the activities for children. Kids truly grow up fast. A chunk in my heart misses them.

We set up the place for games and for art workshop. The place had few renovations. The flooring was now cemented which made it easy for us to set up. After a little while, Kuya Kevin and his friends came. There were 17 of them and most are first time volunteers.

As start off, we lined up the volunteers in front of the stage for the getting to know. To add some spice to the excitement, we asked the volunteers to introduce themselves by shouting their name and by showing a dance move to the kids. Amazingly, they happily obliged. The kids cheered for them and it got us laughing so hard ( peace to you and thank you volunteers!). After that, we had the Agawan base game. Volunteers and kids have ribbons pinned to their shirts and the rule is to get as much ribbons from the other groups. The Team who gets the most number of ribbon wins.

After that, another game was officiated and it’s called Bring Me Art. But there is a twist to the game. Each team was given colored papers and scissors. Ate Amy will mention a Christmas object and the teams will cut out what is being asked. First team to give out the object wins.

Then it was time for Ate Blanca’s art workshop. Ate Blanca taught the kids how to make Christmas Bells using paper cups. She also handed over colored papers so they can design their Christmas bells. The kids and volunteers made beautiful Christmas bells. Seeing all of them, Ate Blanca picked the best artworks and gave away some prizes. After that, food were distributed.

While eating, the Gk Laura dancers once again demonstrated their outstanding dance performance and this time, wearing their soldier uniforms which matched the music. They all received tremendous applause from the audience. Kudos to the instructors who continuously mentors these kids. They will go a long way given the opportunity.

Afterwards, we had a group photo and distributed the school supplies to the kids. It was hard saying goodbye once again to the kids but memories are forever cherished. Looking forward to doing another event here. Thanks Kuya Kevin Mayuga for your generosity and for leading your friends to volunteer. I encouraged other young people out there to make a change in their communities and volunteer to less fortunate children. This will surely create a huge impact to your lives.

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