440 Kuya Kenneth Celebrates with Krus na Ligas Elementary School

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Written by Core Team Leader, Chessika Chua

Education indeed is one value we can pass on from generation to generation; that one treasure we hold wherever place in the world we go; that one key we may own for a better future. So as we celebrate kuya Kenneth’s birthday (who seems to have put his heart into learning and educating), we shared another life’s lesson with the young students of Krus Na Ligas Elementary School. A number of kids were selected to join us for this humble yet memorable celebration.

Lesson No. 1: Twisted Introduction

To break some ice, the ates and kuyas were grouped with the kids. Then they had to introduce themselves in the most creative way they can think. The ate or kuya who was voted by the kids as the best one of course was given the shiny and shimmering smiley/happy face for their group members. And as bibo as she is, Ate Pot’s group earned the first prize for today! Then the kids and volunteers were given a few minutes to have their getting-to-know-each-other time.

Lesson No. 2: Fun Fiesta!

What’s that one sign we always wait for to know if it’s time for fiesta? Banderitas! Our next game was about banderitas making. The groups were given materials for their sky flyers such as scissors, straw rope, glue and colored papers. The goal was to cut out triangles and hang them onto the rope with as many colors and triangles as they can make. Aside from the happy face smile, kuya Harvard taught us that through this game, we’ve learned three things: Teamwork, Strategy and Happiness.

Lesson No. 3: Around the World

For the next game, the kids and volunteers had to apply the lessons they learned from the first game. The mechanics of the game’s simple. The group will sit on the floor forming a circle. Then one member will stand, tap the shoulder of the person beside him or her and run around the circle of their group. Upon reaching his original spot, another tap on the shoulder and the next member shall do the same. The first group to finish the routine wins. It was indeed fun for the kids and ates and kuyas. During the game, everyone was energetic, upbeat and laughing.

Before we had our lunch, Ate Camille presented us her gift of golden voice by singing the song “Let It Go” up to the top of her lungs. Another kid participant also sang for us and showcased her talent in singing.

After taking our lunch, our birthday celebrant Kuya Kenneth shared his giveaways to the kids–school supplies and toiletries for everyone! Instead of asking for gifts, kuya Kenneth was the one who gave the children what they can use for their studies.

As we sang him the birthday song, kuya Kenneth also dedicated a heart warming message encouraging the children to strive hard for their right to education and in the future, be the better citizens and leaders of our country.

Final Lesson

The mission of teaching had never been just a one way stream. It gives lessons both to the teacher and the student. And these morals will definitely be kept in everyone’s minds and instilled in our hearts. Let us learn together at http://uhappyevents.com/upcoming-events/ :)

U! Happy Events

U! Happy Events