1040 Kuya Kenneth and Friends Gives Back to Ospital ng Makati

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Written by: Kuya Joms Lapira, Core Team Member

Celebrating 11 Years of Friendship with OsMak

The Ateneo de Naga High School Batch 2006 celebrated their 11th anniversary by sharing their time and treasures with the patients confined at Ospital ng Makati.

The group was comprised of Kuya Kenneth Molave, Kuya Mic Dematera, Kuya Mike Abay, and Ate Dianne Imperial.

The 17 patients from Osmak were kids aged 1 – 9 years old who have Pneumonia and other infectious diseases. They were accompanied by their parents during the program.

The event kicked off by getting acquainted with each other. Our Ates and Kuyas also danced the Baby Shark craze for the kids.

We then divided the group into two and had a Christmas Carol faceoff. The parents and volunteers were really into it! We chose this game due to the limited space available in the hallways of the hospital, and the current state of the patients.

After the game, we had an origami workshop led by Ate Blanca, one of our resident artists. This workshop is suitable for the kids and parents. We chose to teach the easy-to-make origami to allow the children to do it on their own. Despite their illnesses, the kids showed enthusiasm and eagerness to learn paper folding!

We concluded the event by sharing food, and exchanging feel-good stories to encourage the little ones and parents to remain strong amidst the challenges.

This has been a great experience for the Bicol-raised squad, and they have made a new annual tradition.

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