555 Kuya Jome Celebrates with IT Tender

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Written by Secretary, Glenn Costales

When people get in touch with us for events, it’s normally to celebrate their birthday, to have a corporate social responsibility activity for their company, or to simply just to help out. Last August 1 though, it was for something a little bit more unique.

A birthday surprise awaited Kuya Jome, courtesy of his girlfriend Ate Mar, at the International Teams (IT) Tender Ministry home in Alabang. Kuya Jome had no idea that their closest friends were already eagerly waiting for him at the venue to surprise their buddy with this unique birthday celebration.

Joining in on the festivities were 30 kids from the ministry’s educational program. This program is part of IT Tender’s campaign to empower children thru education and values-building activities.

IT Tender Director, Kuya John Coffey, welcomed the volunteers and it didn’t take long before they started to get acquainted with the kids. As they were grouped into five (5) teams, they got to know the young participants while also coming up with their team names.

With the volunteers and kids acquainted, the event played its first game – Paint Me A Picture. A pretty popular party game, the teams had to be imaginative and still organized as they ‘painted a picture’ of the scenario given. The teams sure got creative as they posed to try and win points for their team. The ‘heat of the competition’ was on full display but in the end though, one team bested the 4 others.

The teams then sat back down in their circles for another unique game. This was a hybrid of 2 of the more popular games of U! Happy Events – the Cheese Ring Relay and the Math quiz. This game made use of straws for each member, and a cup full of cheese rings. Math questions were then thrown to the groups with the answers being specific numbers. The teams then had to pass the cheese ring from one person to the next using straws in their mouth. The number of the cheese rings they passed would be their answer to the question. It was quite a mouthful just to explain this game but it all came together with the teams competing hard and still having fun. Another team emerged the winner in this one and booked prizes for their kids.

The last game was called Sing It Like You Mean It. In this game, one representative from each group was called up front and given a polvoron. This sounds simple until you consider the fact that they had to chew the polvoron while humming to popular songs to their group. Their group members then had to guess the song right to win points. After several rounds (and a few more polvoron), a team led by the lone kid representative managed to edge out the rest of the competition. Prizes were handed out to this bunch as well.

As the teams settled down in their groups for the last time, the kuyas and ates gamely read some educational stories to their kids. This intimate time bonded the volunteers and kids even closer before sharing some needed lunch (and not to mention refreshment).

After the delicious meal, Kuya Jome and Ate Mar presented the kids with their parting gifts – some school supplies and other treats. Their friends likewise helped out in distributing the gifts in their own groups.

Everyone then gathered for the final time for a group picture to capture the day’s birthday celebration. The volunteers and kids showed Kuya Jome some more love too as they serenaded him with a birthday song with birthday cupcake to boot.

The mid-afternoon gathering gave a very ‘warm’ welcome to the event. It was nevertheless a truly enjoyable and memorable time between the volunteers and kids. We definitely appreciate the enthusiasm of everyone who was present. Thank U! to Kuya Jome, Ate Mar and their wonderful friends for sharing their time with the kids. Thank U! as well to Kuya John and the amazing people of IT Tender for graciously allowing us through their doors.

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U! Happy Events

U! Happy Events