806 Kuya John’s Ice Cream Collage with The Heart at Play

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Written by Vice President for External, Kuya Glenn Costales

An active afternoon awaited 25 charming kids of The Heart at Play Foundation in Kamuning, Quezon City. Known for its Dance Therapy Movement (DMT), The Heart at Play supports the special needs community through innovative programs that aim to develop their sensory, physical and cognitive skills. They were already getting some work done with their dance therapy activities when the U! Happy Team arrived. This sure got the kids ready for the day’s festivities.

The early afternoon celebration was put together by Ate Gabbi for her husband, Kuya John, who celebrated his birthday a late August. They were joined by a few family members who would excitedly be the kuyas and ates to the kids.

To start things off, the 25 kids were divided into two (2) groups – the Team Bagets, led by Kuya John, and the Team Angels, led by Ate Gabbi. After a couple of minutes of getting acquainted, the kids and volunteers lined up to play the Paper Cup Relay.

In this game, the participants used a coffee stirrer to hold up cups while they raced around and back an obstacle until all the players finished. The race was neck-and-neck but Kuya John’s team proved to be the fastest as they handily won the Best-of-3 contest.

The kids were then entertained by Kuya Allan’s amazing bubble show. Dazzling bubbles of different sizes and shapes flew across the venue. One by one (or in pairs), the kids and volunteers finally got some up-close-and-personal time with the bubbles. They gamely stood upright while Kuya Allan created a giant balloon around them. All 25 kids and volunteers were able to experience this first hand which made the attraction that much more special.

Next up was the event’s featured activity – the Art Workshop. Young artist Ate Jedi took the lead in this part of the event as she instructed the kids on how to create their own Ice Cream Art using some art paper, pencils and glue. An art workshop is generally a great medium for kids with special needs. It aims to stimulate creativity and allow the kids to accomplish an individual activity.

After the colorful creations were finished and on display, the kids and volunteers enjoyed a delicious meal. Ate Gabbi and Kuya John also had some sweet smelling donuts prepared as dessert. But that wasn’t all though. The kids received as well loot bags filled with snacks and other treats. The kids finally gave their kuyas and ates a very loving and sincere embrace to thank them for the incredible day.

When you think of one word to describe the kids of The Heart at Play it would probably be this – pure. The joy, sincerity and sweetness is nothing but pure and it comes out in these kinds of engaging activities. U! Happy Events again thanks Kuya John, Ate Gabbi and their relatives for helping bring these out of the kids last Saturday. Thank U! to all who became part of it.

U! Happy Events

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