840 Kuya Jerome’s Mask Making with Jesus Loves the Little Children Foundation

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Written by Kuya Harvard

Kuya Jerome currently works and resides in Hong Kong. He did an outreach here with Jesus Loves the Little Children kids before and had it again while he is in town. It was his birthday and got a number of close friends to join him for a fun and interactive morning.

Yes it was the usual activities we love doing at U! Happy Events. But it was a different set of kids and volunteers who enjoyed it with us. We had mask making with Ate Blanca as lead. Kuya Koby delighted yet again the crowd with his magic tricks. We also had Save the Creatures game. Teams fanned back all the sea creature in a large woven tray(bilao) using paper plates. This one got quite exciting.

After a feast of popular Chicken Joy, we gave out school supplies to the young and bubbly children. It was a gift to signify Kuya Jerome’s belief in the value of education. The set included pad paper, two notebooks, pencils, eraser, crayon set and sharpener. Just what they need moving forward.

Kuya Jerome blew his birthday candle after our sing for him. It was both a fruitful encounter and happy time for everyone. Thank you Kuya!

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U! Happy Events