1042 Kuya Jeremy Celebrates with 2KK Escopa

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Written by: Ate Chynna Salazar, Core Team Member

Kuya Jeremy has always wanted to give and share blessings to others, and this year for his birthday, he decided to celebrate it with 30 kids from Tulong sa Kapwa Kapatid (2KK) in Escopa. The 2KK Foundation is a non-profit organization that creates sustainable communities through the education and empowerment of underprivileged children. Along with him were his colleagues and friends who also joined in an afternoon full of games and laughter.

It was a scorching hot Saturday when we all gathered in the middle of the Escopa Covered Court. The Kuya and Ate volunteers first introduced themselves to kids, and talked about what their job is and their favorite food. Then, the kids were grouped into five groups with six members, who were then joined by their Ate and Kuya volunteers. The Ates and Kuyas got to know and talk to the kids in their groups; the shyness of the kids slowly melted away.

The kids’ energy was contagious and it kept everyone going through the afternoon heat. After getting to know each other, we started playing group games. The first game we played was the Christmas Carol Relay. Each team took turns singing a short verse of a Christmas song or carol and teams cannot repeat a song that has already been sung. The last group singing wins! The game was great with starting off the afternoon, and a great way to spread the Christmas cheer.
The next game played was the well-loved Hula Hoop Relay. As soon ad the kids saw the hoops, they knew what was coming. Each group has to form a line, and will be given one hula hoop. Everyone in the group has to get through the hula hoop and whoever is the fastest wins! All the groups were very competitive and took the games seriously. As the games ended, it was all in good fun. Everyone was sweaty and catching their breaths, but with big smiles on their faces.

After the games, everyone settled down first and waited for one of Kuya Jeremy’s friends to get ready for a surprise magic show he had prepared for the kids. While waiting, everyone enjoyed a hearty meal while listening to music and having fellowship with everyone. As soon as the song “Baby Shark” played, though, the kids’ eyes immediately lit up and they stood up to dance and sing along with it.

After the meal break, Kuya Jeo the magician gave a wonderful magic show that all of us enjoyed. After the magic show, Kuya Jeremy and his friends gave the kids school supply kits and a snack pack that they have prepared. Through the scorching heat, the day ended with big hugs and an atmosphere of happiness.

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