774 Kuya Japs and Kuya Kris Celebrates with Metro World Child

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Written by Kuya Harvard

Two of my esteemed business partners, Kuya Japs de Jesus and Kuya Kris Mandap in The Menu Group chose to celebrate their birthdays just like they always do- with children who need more blessings. We did this event at Splice, one of the four restaurants we manage together.

They hand me a generous budget and trusted me to arrange a party for 80 children from partner Metro World Child. 68 ended up making it with some social workers tagging along. Interestingly, they both did not invite much family or friends. So somehow it was an intimate affair between them and the children.

After our usual getting to know, we played two of our popular and most competitive games- Bring Me Art and Pass the Ball. The celebrants were part of the noisiest and most aggressive team. They were clamoring for points and seeking attention to get a point for their kids. To know more about our list of games, you can check out this link. A wow magic show followed to the delight of not just the kids but also to adults.

After a buffet of Macaroni and Cheese matched with Hotdogs, Chicken Fingers and Ice Tea, we had a group of four girls sing in the tune of Miracle. It was a touching moment to witness children singing their all for our celebrants.

A final activity ensued after- Balloon Twisting. We did not just got Ate Divine to showcase her skills but also challenged everyone to make their own. We taught how to make a heart for the girls and a sword for all the boys. It was such a colorful sight to see.

We gathered outside for a giant group photo with smiles scattered all over the place. It was one short morning celebration but a memory that will last forever.

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