Kuya Harvard’s Corner

Check out the post of U! Happy Events‘ founder and chairman, Kuya Harvard.

Message for 2013


We envisioned organizations, companies, and individuals to be empowered to create events like we did. Through the “Create Your Own Event” program, these partners are able to design their own events for kids while we provide them with the suppliers and assitance that they need.

A large number of the events that U! Happy Events organized in 2012 were of that nature. There is definitely an audience for this kind of program. U! Happy Events currently has a pool of more than 50 partner organizations. As such we get to find the most fitting matches for our sponsors and beneficiaries.

Not only were we enable to do more events this year, we also shifted to more skill based programs. We were able to provide activities that enable kids to develop a talent or a skill. They also got to learn new things besides happiness that the events provide.

Thank U! Lord for giving us the opportunity to be an instrument of blessing to many Kids all these years. Thank U! as well to our volunteers, sponsors, friends and partners who have served with us.

We look forward for more events this 2013. Happy events that will provide better opportunities to kids and their families! Have a Happy and Fruitful 2013 everyone! 🙂

Why Do We Volunteer?


I have been involved in reaching out to kids since I was 17. It started with Php 5 sandwiches that I was tasked to send out to street children. Later on, I would get more involved by joining friend’s outreach to different groups of kids. In December 2006, I decided to put up a foundation […]

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