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Check out the post of U! Happy Events‘ founder and chairman, Kuya Harvard.

2014, An Awesome Year.

As I write this post, it’s only been hours since 2014 ended. Like most of us we got a number of greetings cheering us on for a happier 2015. I myself took the time to post in social media inspiring messages. A recent SWS survey stated that 9 out of 10 Filipinos look forward to a greater year. It was never this high. That confidence of many ultimately gives us additional boost for the next 365 days.


Let me take this time to give you more reasons to hope! I will be sharing milestones we accomplished in 2014 for U! Happy Events. It was indeed a banner-filled-with-colors kind of year! So much more volunteers (around 3,000) took time to build happy moments with us. In our Christmas Party and planning last 2013, we challenged ourselves with a strong roster to go past 99 events. We did that. Last December 30, in the first Learning Center we built at Gawad Kalinga Ave Maria in Tanay, Rizal, we had our last and momentous 150th event.

A 50% addition in events translated to more planning and implementation. We had to increase our supplier base, core team members and partner beneficiaries to pave way to a growing number of sponsors. The total number of events was our ultimate barometer of success. More of it simply meant additional opportunities to support and teach values to marginalized children.


Doing it every weekend also enabled us to create better structures. We got to develop scripts and processes that uniformed further our brand to make sure each event is filled with interaction, learning and happiness.

I would like to invite you to check out our list of 2014 events we’ve served with U! We hope it inspires you to involve others as well. We started this NGO small, dreamed big and now, we wouldn’t want to stop after seeing the impact it has created. Thank U! for being part of that and we hope to see U! again and again. 🙂

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