173 Kuya Gary Celebrates with We Care Foundation

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Written by Kuya Harvard

Christmas was nearly coming yet we still have thousands of reasons to be giddy about blessing the kids with an early Christmas present! Thanks to our so-called “Santas”, husband and wife Kuya Gary and Ate Joy Lacap, OFW’s from Dubai UAE for making it possible! 30 joyful kids from We Care (a group who’s mission is to make Brgy.’s a Christ committed place) headed by Kuya Roli Sabado, and active volunteers all gathered as we were down to our 8th day of Christmas from our jam packed 12 days of Christmas.This happened last Dec. 16 in Paaralang Elementarya ng LIbis, Q.C. It was our 9am event (yes, we also had an event in the afternoon in PGH!) and we surely felt like Santa’s busy elves.

We had fun games such as paint-a-picture where five groups of 6 kids took part along with the volunteers who helped them act the images of what Kuya Harvard told them to show. They were told to paint a picture of a church, a hospital and a mall. Kids even acted as a hospital bed! How good was that?

Another game played was much more exciting, the task was to line up depending on what was being asked, from shortest to longest hair, lightest to darkest shirt color, even the second letter of the kid’s father’s name! Whew! Fun indeed!

With their crayons and illustration boards on hand, kids and volunteers showed their artistic side in our art activity. Because it’s Christmas, we asked them to draw what comes to their mind when they hear the word “Christmas* or what they think symbolizes it. Imaginations and creativity came to life. They didn’t have to be too skillful to draw and to give out ideas. Just as we thought, this season is not just about gifts but rather, it’s all about sharing, being together with your loved ones and most especially celebrating the birth of our Lord, Jesus Christ. The group which combined all this in their master piece won.

We also had magic show. It brought us all smiles when we saw the kids stunned with all those magic acts! They also had fun dancing the 2012 dance craze, Oppa Gangnam Style.

It’s gift giving time! Together with Kuya Gary and Ate Joy, one of our volunteers, Ate Joan blessed the kids too! Thanks to you guys and to all the volunteers for your kind hearts. Kudos volunteers! :)

Written by one of our core leaders, Raquel Rodriguez.

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