449 Kuya Gabriel’s Philippine Science Centrum Tour with Concern Marikina

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Written by Core Team Leader, Chessika Chua

At 10AM on Valentine’s Day 2015: flower shops are busy, restaurants are fully booked, love letters are written and romantic dates, all ready! It’s that time of the year again when we get to express our love. During this season, each one of us wishes to have a one-of-a-kind celebration and so we ask:

“How do I celebrate this wonderful day in a special way?”

Well, our dear sponsor and birthday boy Kuya Gabriel Santiago has the answer by sharing the love to 25 kids from CONCERN Marikina together with his friends, other volunteers, and U! Happy Events core team.

The Philippine Science Centrum is an ideal venue for an educational field trip where visitors are encouraged to touch, twist, play, hear, and see the interactive exhibits displayed. This is also the best place where the kids and adults can both enjoy, making it the perfect spot for our date today!

First Step on Dating: Meet
Our volunteer ates, kuyas and the kids were partnered for some getting-to-know time. An introduction is essential to create the connection between the volunteers and kids, to make everyone feel at ease by exchanging stories and to serve as an icebreaker for the next activity.

Second Step: Enjoy
Time to spend some quality moments together inside the Philippine Science Centrum! Our tour guide made an illusion of floating in the air at the Anti-Gravity Mirror while a volunteer and one kid had their “hair-raising” encounter with Van de Graaff exhibit. Others were able to experience leaving their shadows behind, getting inside a big bubble and had fun doing the “Matrix Move” at the Wonder House. Some felt the shake of different magnitudes of an earthquake through the Earthquake Simulator and even saw what it’s like to have their heads rest on a platter! The kids together with their ates and kuyas had the freedom to experience everything there is to discover in a museum. Part of that experience is trying the Human Gyro Ride, a wheel that spins quickly and is held in a frame that allows to be tilted in any direction. One of the kids was brave enough to try this action-packed ride!

Third Step: Make Memories
After those great learning moments and exploration, time to capture the fun! Cameras were up and smiles were obvious everywhere. A very happy and lovely date, indeed!

Fourth Step: Eat together
One of life’s greatest pleasures is sharing good food with the one you love. After a fun-filled day at Philippines Science Centrum, the kids with their ates and kuyas had a lunch date in Mang Inasal. On the Profile Exchange Forms, love messages were written by the kids to their partner ates/kuyas and vice versa. Then, everyone sang Happy Birthday for Kuya Gab to complete this BDAY-VDAY date!

Last Step: Treasure
Valentine’s Day isn’t all about fancy dinners, receiving flowers or eating chocolates. While most couples are expected to spend this day in cozy romance, Kuya Gab together with the volunteers and U! Happy Events had a fulfilling date with the kids! This day is about loving and being loved, a love that has started at 10AM and will surely, last forever.

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