438 Kuya Franco Celebrates with Kuya Center

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Written by Secretary, Glenn Costales

While most of the country tuned in to the festivities of the Papal visit, a group of family and friends made their way to an orphanage in Cubao, Quezon City to celebrate the 1st birthday of their baby boy. Kuya Tom and Ate Francia, parents of Baby Franco (and friends with U!’s own Kuya Harvard), gathered with the team at Kuya Center Orphanage to spend a fun morning of games with the kids there.

Kuya Center provides refuge to children living/ working in the streets. These kids have also either been abandoned or have chosen to live away from their families (runaways). They also conduct enrichment and educational activities to children outside their shelter.

The private event got off to an exciting start as the kids raced to find their volunteer partners for the day. 3 kids got prizes as a result and the whole group settled down for the customary getting-to-know activity.

After a few minutes of getting comfortable, the volunteers and kids prepared for the event’s first game – the cleverly named ‘Move Game.’ This game was a race that had 3 stations which the participants had to accomplish. They did so by simply ‘moving’ through all of the stations. It required the pairs to dance, do a hula hoop and complete a skipping rope once. After a few rounds, one team emerged as the more athletic bunch and won story books for the kids.

The next game once again made use of the hula hoops but in a different manner. The game was called ‘Are You In or Out.’ In this game, the 2 teams (of 10 players each) had to think on their feet and figure out how many people where to be inside (and outside) of the hula hoops. The rounds saw Kuya Harvard give specific numbers as to how many people should be inside the circular toys and how many had to be outside. It was a game aimed to promote communication and coordination among the members of the group. Interestingly enough, the same team that won the earlier game again emerged victorious proving that they were the more fit and organized team. In the end though, everyone had a grand time playing.

Lunch was then served just before noon. While enjoying their meals, the volunteers and kids spent the next few minutes chatting some more and just enjoying each one’s company.

Soon after, everyone gathered to sing and wish Baby Franco a happy birthday with the candle-blowing to boot.

Hugs and gifts then wrapped up the birthday event lending a warm and delightful conclusion to the whole morning.

U! again wishes Baby Franco a very happy and blessed birthday. Thank U! to Kuya Tom and Ate Francia for getting their family and friends together and choosing to celebrate their kid’s 1st birthday in a very meaningful way.

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