437 Kuya Eliam Celebrates with Gentle Hands

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Written by Secretary, Glenn Costales

The 2nd event of the laid back Saturday once again reunited U! with the kids of Gentle Hands. Located in Project 4, Quezon City, Gentle Hands is a non-profit agency providing support to the medical, social and educational needs of at-risk children and youth in urban communities. It also centers on Christian-values formation while providing a family-nurturing environment to the kids.

Mommy Boots set the event in motion when she contacted U! to celebrate the 7th birthday of her son Eliam. It was around midday when they arrived at Gentle Hands together with some members of their family. The whole venue was then fittingly decorated with balloons and banners to set a cheerful mood to the gathering. It was not long before their close friends also showed up to have fun with the birthday boy. A number of eager volunteers also came to take part in the afternoon affair.

The packed rooftop of Gentle Hands saw the volunteers and kids getting grouped into 5 teams. After a getting to know each other, everyone turned their attention to the event’s first activity, a magic show by the intriguingly named entertainer – ‘Choco-na-tao.’ He did his magic acts, twisted some balloons, joked around with the crowd and even got the kids to try some tricks too. Needless to say, it was really the most colorful part of the program.

Next up, the volunteers and kids lined up to play the 1st game – Fax Machine. In this game, the 1st person from each of the teams is given one specific shape. It then had to be relayed/ communicated to each person in line by using their fingers to draw the shape on the next person’s back. The last person then had to decipher the shape and draw it on a piece of paper. The team that finished first and got the correct shape won the point. It turned out to be a neck-and-neck contest and one team soon came out on top.

With everyone still pumped, the event played its 2nd game – Hula Hoop Relay. This is probably one of U!’s more popular games among kids AND volunteers. In this game, the teams lined up with their hands joined together. They then raced to pass the hula hoops over their necks and around their limbs and whole bodies up to the last person in line. The race-to-three competition was another closely contested tussle. One team though edged out the 4 others and won prizes for their kids.

The whole group then settled down once again to share a delicious afternoon snack. After that, the birthday cake was brought out and everyone joyfully sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to our 7-year-old volunteer.

Gifts then made their way to the kids’ hands courtesy of Mommy Boots and Eliam. Before finally saying goodbye, the kids showed their appreciation by giving their ates and kuyas for the day a tight hug.

Most kids receive a lot of gifts on their birthday. For our ‘mom-and-son’ duo though, they chose to be the one giving the blessings. For that, U! truly thanks them and wishes them an abundantly blessed year ahead.

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