709 Kuya Dominic’s Dance Workshop with Little Lights

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Written by Core Team Leader, Richard Yatar

We all know that kids have this seemingly boundless energy in their body that’s why dancing is one of the best ways to channel it. Dancing is a great alternative to other dangerous activities for children and can be offered even indoor. With that, thanks to Kuya Dominic “Nico” Santiago for making this possible!

Last Saturday, February 13, 2016, we conducted simple hip-hop dance lesson with Little Lights kids. Hip hop is kind of a hard dance for the kids but thanks to Kuya Gammy for guiding and teaching them. We used Justin Bieber’s Sorry as our song.

Before dancing, volunteers joined the kids for some cool games. Winners of each game came from different groups and it was a proof that all teams were doing their best and actively participated to be on top. After such, the team, together with the volunteers distributed food recharge the lost energy and gave gifts to the kids.

Even though Kuya Nico arrived late on the said event, he still felt that happiness that the kids felt during the whole duration of event. A great decision where to celebrate his birthday!

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U! Happy Events