667 Kuya Diego’s Singing Workshop with Mano Amiga

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Written by U! Happy Events’ Staff, Ate Glyza Loleng
Edited by Board Member, Ate Ren dela Cruz

Birthdays are all about celebrating your existence in the world. Celebrating it while giving, sharing, and spending quality time with kids who need all the love and attention they can get is even more priceless.

One kid, named Diego, had a chance to spend his 7th birthday with 25 kids from Mano Amiga community in Taguig through a fun-filled day that was nothing short of amusements. This is also thanks to his mom, ate Katrina Sotto who initiated the event with us.

The day started out on a high note with a “getting to know” each other session in which the children were asked what’s the best place they went to among other places they’ve visited. Their eyes lit up with excitement upon recalling the unforgettable memories they had in places like Kidzania and Art in Island; wishing they could come back given the chance.

After the brief introduction, the kids were then grouped into 5 to play Beach Ball Relay. Despite the small space, the place was filled with smiles and laughter as the children raced down the finish line trying to outwit and outrun each other in a friendly competition.

The fun continued on with a colorful display of balloon structures courtesy of a balloon twister, that had the children asking for their favorite figures. This consisted of a heart, sword, rabbit, puppy, and all the other things that you can imagine, which were creatively shown by the artist.

Of course, a magical day wouldn’t be complete without a taste of magic. The kids were bursting with awe and amazement as the magician captured their imagination with a magnificent display of various sets of tricks that left them asking for more–and who wouldn’t? Magic truly brings out the kid in everyone.

At the end of the celebration, farewell gifts were given to the kids of Mano Amiga that would inspire them to study and learn more, with their new school supplies.

We again wish Kuya Diego a very happy birthday! With a wonderful set of family and friends, they all made the day a truly memorable event for the kids of Mano Amiga.

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