855 Kuya Constantine’s Magic Workshop with Kamuning Elementary School

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Written by Vice President for External, Kuya Glenn Costales

We got a jump on the holiday celebrations last Saturday at the Kamuning Elementary School in Quezon City. Kuya Cons celebrated his birthday just recently so he prepared a packed morning for some members of the school’s grade 3 to 4 classes. Rallying behind him for what was shaping up to be a very lively event were his parents, family members and friends ready to partake in the day’s festivities.

After organizing the kids into five (5) teams, the eager volunteers were distributed among them for a simple getting-to-know activity. They got a chance to learn about each one’s favorite game to play as well as their preferred rainy-day pastime, among other things.

The first of 2 games to be played was the Hula Hoop Relay. This is truly one of the more exciting games in our roster featuring a test of physical dexterity. With their hands joined together, the teams raced to pass the Hula Hoop over and around their bodies from the first to the last member. The game saw some very exciting rounds with one team being the most nimble and eventually becoming the winner.

The 2nd game was another race but required some creative and expressive pantomiming skills. Pass the Charades was next up and this combined the rules of the Pass the Message and Charades. A secret word (category: animals) was given to the first member and he/ she then had to act it out for the next member to guess, and so on. The first team to pass the word the fastest, and of course get it right, won a point. Some players had difficulty acting the animals out and that totally messed up their team’s chances. Soon enough, a winner emerged and won prizes for their kids.

Resident magician, Kuya Koby then took the stage for another one of his magic performances. With his card-shrinking, table-levitating, bottle-cut-in-half and dove magic tricks, he dazzled the kids some of whom were watching a live magic show for the 1st time.

After his performance, Kuya Koby guided everyone through an interesting magic workshop. He showed the volunteers and the kids how to perform some close-up magic using some simple looking tools.

The new magicians then settled down for some much deserved break. The volunteers prepared a delightful lunch and other tasty treats like French fries, fishballs, kikiam and some ice cream for dessert.

With their tummies full, the kids lined up as Kuya Cons and his friends prepared to distribute more gifts. Before getting to it though, everyone joined in chorus in singing Kuya Cons a happy birthday.

The volunteers and kids finally posed for a group photo and gave each other a hug to say goodbye. Happy birthday again to Kuya Cons and thank U! to his parents, family members and friends for such a grand time with the kids.

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