Kuya Colin’s Basketball Workshop with 2KK Escopa

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Written by: Ate Ren Dela Cruz, Board Member

There is no doubt basketball is one of, if not the, most popular sport in the Philippines. People of any age and any walk of life is drawn to the sport, and there is no shortage of proof in the form of indoor and outdoor basketball courts anywhere you go in the country. This Christmastime, kuya Colin and his family and friends made this famous sport, basketball, a vehicle to celebrate the season and create a greater bonding moment between them and some energetic little boys from our partner charity, 2KK Escopa.

We started the day with introductions, and grouping the volunteers with the kids to get to know them better. It was an even more meaningful time because there were some kid volunteers as well who bonded with the 2KK Escopa kids! After the children had warmed up to their ates and kuyas via the getting-t0-know and games, we then warmed everyone up physically by doing the workshop proper. Basketball drills were done which displayed the kids’ innate sportiness and basketball abilities, and also a means to bond even more with the volunteers as they all learned to play the sport better together.

After the kids and volunteers learned skills and techniques, it was time for meals to replace all that energy poured into the workshop. As the program came to a close, we made sure to take a group photo, for everyone to remember the amazing time not just learning basketball but also growing in the spirit of giving and sharing joy this Christmas. Before they left, the kids bade goodbye to their ates and kuya through warm hugs and bright smiles. Thank you kuya Colin and family for spending time and sharing your blessings with the kids of 2KK!

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