858 Kuya Bobby’s Balloon Twisting Workshop with Virlanie Foundation

Friday, December 2, 2016

Written by U! Happy Events’ Staff, Ate Michaela Maligaya

It could have been another simple birthday celebration for kuya Bobby Del Rosario. He could have had a small gathering with his family, food fest at his office, or a night out with his close friends. But for this year, he decided to share his blessings with the children at Virlaine Orphanage with the assistance of U! Happy.

Together with his wife and team from Brand Ideas, kuya Bobby got the chance to celebrate his birthday with the 15 little orphans from Verlaine. Of course, there wouldn’t be any fun without games! The kids were grouped into 5 together with the volunteers from kuya Bobby’s team. There were puzzle-making and beach ball toss. The kids were all energized and actively participated.

For a little show, kuya CJ was there to teach the kids of basic balloon twisting. The kids made a balloon sword and kuya CJ crafted flower, bear, dog and other kiddie stuff. Their faces were also artistically painted with cartoon characters, superheroes, flowers and unicorns.

What’s best for merienda? Jollibee! Everyone had spaghetti and burger to fill their tummies with. And before the day ends, kuya Bobby and his team shared gifts to the kids; there were toys, bubbles and school supplies that they can all use and play with.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a happy birthday without a little singing. The kids sang a Happy Birthday song for kuya Bobby as he blew the candle on his cake. It was indeed one new celebration for him.

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