494 Kuya Benj’s Acting Workshop with Holy Family Home

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Written by Kuya Harvard

It was our third and final acting workshop for the weekend led by our resident facilitator, Ate Micaela Pineda. She tagged along her students from University of the Philippines to conduct the workshop with her and grade them accordingly. What a way to apply what they have learn in class. They also to reach out to children.

21 year old Kuya Benj Tupas was probably one of the most excited sponsors I’ve met. He reminded me of myself when I was starting to find ways to be a blessing to children in need. He contacted to us through a common friend and instantly discussed to me details on how it works.

He got a number of his close friends and family present. Kuya Benj also took the time to coordinate the food. When he felt it wasn’t enough, he went out, took a cab and bought even more. So for that afternoon we had more than the usual choices to eat. We had chicken, spaghetti, bread, salad, drinks and chocolates. It was a celebration!

I started the workshop by challenging our volunteers to act out different scenes. This activity was a preview of what was in store that afternoon. Some scenes acted were winning the lotto and being awarded as best actor.

Ate Micaela and her team took the lead and conducted a warm up activity- introducing one self and adding an action with it. Three other acting simulations followed- acting out different uses for the same item given, passing an imaginary ball and acting out different types of balls (cold, heavy, sticky, etc) and a trust fall activity which echoed the value of having trust to the rest of the team you are part of.

The last stop was act a video. It was a twist of the popular game paint a picture. Instead of still pictures, each team puts together a action packed scenes. We had them do a rock concert and the Pacquiao- Mayweather fight among others. It was an activity that puts together all the things they learned that afternoon.

We sang Kuya Benj a birthday song. We glad we did. He gave a heart warming message to everyone. Yes, there were happy tears that came with it. Our team truly appreciates Kuya Benj for not just sponsoring but also putting so much more meaning in reaching out. Maybe one day, he will have his own NGO.

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