766 Kuya Aryan’s Dance Workshop with SOS Children’s Village

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Written by Vice President for External, Kuya Glenn Costales

It was off to the south for the U! team for another active gathering with the kids of SOS Children’s Village in Alabang. The day sure had a lot to offer to the ever-so-lively boys and girls from the children’s home inside Ayala-Alabang Village.

Kuya J and Ate Pia put the event together to celebrate the 4th birthday of their son, Aryan. It had already been almost a month since Aryan’a actual birthday (May 14) but a stint to the hospital put a pause on their celebration. Nevertheless, Kuya J and Ate Pia knew it was only a matter of time before they could again have this yearly family activity. Kuya J’s family were joined by some close friends who also served as volunteers for the early afternoon affair.

25 kids joined the volunteers for a very energetic day. To get the kids grouped first, the old The-Boat-is-Sinking game again proved effective. This sure got everyone ‘warmed-up’ as well. After some lively introductions, the kuyas and ates then joined the 4 different groups to get acquainted with the kids. They also came up with their team names – the Cavaliers, Warriors, Power Puff Girls and the Power Rangers.

The four teams then moved on to the Pass-the-Charades game (featuring a category about animals). In this game, the teams each lined up with the first person being given an animal (word). He/ She then had to act out the animal (without speaking) to the next person in line, and so on up to the last team member. That person then had to run to the front to whisper the word to the host and see if they got the animal right. The game saw the teams in a very animated race as they tried to pass the animals quickly and accurately. After several rounds, the Warriors won the game.

The kids then sat down with their groups for a magic show by Kuya Beng. Despite a brief power issue, the show went on spectacularly. Both the kids and volunteers were truly enchanted not only with Kuya Beng’s tricks, but also with other displays of comedy and interactive fun. There was even a miniature disappearing-light show which sure captured everyone’s amazement.

Kuya Aron from Big Shift Dance studios then took front and center for the day’s main activity, a dance workshop. Grooving to Work by Little Mix, Kuya Aron carefully showed the steps for the kids and volunteers to mirror. Yes, the workshop taught new dance moves to the kids. But aside from that, the activity also aimed to harness the kids’ ability to listen to instructions as they worked on what Kuya Aron was showing and telling them. After several sets of steps, the entire group danced as one to the popular pop song. The boys and girls even grouped together, led by the volunteers, to dance off and showcase what they had just learned.

A delightful afternoon snack was then served. It was truly a much needed and well-deserved meal after all the physical fun everyone just had. After that, the entire group joined in singing a Happy Birthday to Kuya Aryan, who also handed out storybooks as gifts to the kids.

Thank U! to the wonderful family of Kuya J, Ate Pia and Aryan, as well as to their very willing friends, for making this event possible. Happy birthday again, Aryan!

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