30 Kuya Arland Celebrates with Tuklasan

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Written by Kuya Harvard

One of our active members, Ate Isabel requested U! Happy Events to tap an orphanage for her friend’s birthday. Kuya Arland, the country’s top triathlete celebrated a day with 36 Tuklasan Kids. Thank U! Ate Isabel and friends for blessing these Kids and making them smile! =)

We had a little getting to know game at the start- mention an adjective that starts with the first letter of your name. This didn’t work too well… but we were able to know the Kids more through the day’s basketball game, dancing, eating, sharing stories, gift giving and the momentary picture moments.

If U! wish to celebrate your day with Kids, let U! Happy Events know. It will be our pleasure to help you get a partner and help your organize the whole thing. Our events are always inclined to one- Change. We build it with impact… giving each Kid Life with U! =)

U! Happy Events

U! Happy Events