394 Kuya Anton’s Circus Event with Tulong sa Kapwa Kapatid Year 1

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Written by Kuya Harvard

Last November 15, U! Happy Events got reunited with the kids from Tulong sa Kapwa Kapatid (2KK) of Payatas, Quezon City. The event, held at the Quezon City Circle, was put together as a birthday celebration for Kuya Anton Darlucio. 2KK is a community-based organization composed of volunteers (students/ professionals) who conduct values enrichment and educational activities, among others, to kids in the Payatas area.

Despite the surprisingly dripping weather, Kuya Anton showed up with his family and friends to take part in his personal Create-Your-Own-Event. A number of volunteers likewise participated in the QC Circle gathering.

Once the kids and volunteers were gathered, they were immediately distributed into five (5) groups. After coming up with their team names, the groups were given a few minutes to get to know each other. As is with every other U! event, an impromptu dance number soon followed from a ‘select few.’

With everyone loose, the group immediately proceeded with its first game, Hula Hoop Relay. In this game, the groups lined up with their hands joined together. They then had to pass a Hula Hoop over and around their bodies up to the last person in the line. And just like a perfectly-scripted movie, all 5 teams battled neck and neck to the very last point. One team eventually became the winner with its kids getting story books as prizes.

As the teams were still lined up, the group then prepared for the Beach Ball Relay game. Much like the first game, this was another race to move the beach ball to the end of the line alternately passing it over and under each person. Again, a thrilling finish ensued with another team likewise winning story books for their kids.

The games played definitely brought everyone together in fun. At the same time though, these games aimed to foster teamwork and communication especially among the kids.

It was almost lunch when the group finally sat down for a fitting birthday meal. Kuya Anton also brought with him some tasty treats to satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth- cupcakes!

A birthday celebration would of course be incomplete without the customary cake-blowing. The group heartily sang Happy Birthday to Kuya Anton putting a smile on everyone’s faces.

Before leaving, the kids gave their Ates and Kuyas a tight hug and warm thanks for the memorable celebration. Soon after, Kuya Anton gave the kids their parting gifts to wrap up the day.

Again, our sincerest thank U! to Kuya Anton, his friends and family, as well as the volunteers, for their time and support. Our thanks as well to 2KK for graciously welcoming us.

We invite U to take part in this as well. Visit www.uhappyevents.com for more details on how to create your very own event or how you can volunteer.

U! Happy Events

U! Happy Events