Kuya Aeon’s Storytelling Workshop with ECPAT Philippines

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Written by: Kuya Glenn Costales, President

The joyous month kicked off with an animated gathering with our familiar friends at ECPAT. ECPAT or End Child Pornography and Trafficking is dedicated to helping children who have experienced abuse and likewise campaigns to stop their exploitation and trafficking.

A spry set of 30 kids welcomed us for the Saturday event as we were joined by Mommy Mary, Kuya Aeon and a few other volunteers. Aeon was our energetic birthday celebrant and it was her mom who put the event together.

To get things started, we put some more color to our vibrant kids with some Face Painting. Their faces and arms served as canvass for cartoon characters and superheroes to come to life. We then proceeded to group our participants and allowed a brief time for everyone to get acquainted.

It was right on to the In-and-Out game to channel the brimming energy of our volunteers and kids. With the groups surrounding and holding a hula hoop, they had to listen to the categories being given out as to which ones will be inside the hula hoops and who would be outside. We tried to make the categories as complex and fun as possible like which ones are wearing slippers vs shoes, who has earrings or who are wearing a specific color.

Next up, we had the Satovan Acrobats perform their daring and breath-taking showcase of talent. They even had Aeon join in on the fun as he sat at the shoulder of one of them while riding a unicycle.

Professional story-teller Kuya Rich took the ‘stage’ for his lively and interactive storytelling session. No matter the time of day, he always seems to have a pocket of energy within him that our kids always feed off of.

After sharing a meal, the kids were treated to some story books as an early Christmas present. Happy birthday again to Aeon and thank U to Mommy Mary for setting such a brilliant example for her son. We know this is only the 1st of many such acts of kindness from this wonderful boy.

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