828 Kuya Adam’s Active Fun with CCT Pasay

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Written by Board Member, Ate Charmain Tan

It was the first birthday celebration of Adam Gabriel. His mother Ate Ces wanted to share her blessings to the less privileged children. Earlier that day they had the birthday celebration of Adam with their friends and family and after that she wanted to celebrate with these kids to give them the opportunity to enjoy the facilities of Active Fun, an indoor playground located in BGC. It is becoming to be one of the more popular places to have kiddie birthday celebrations.

We invited the children of Center for Community Transformation (CCT) in Pasay City. It provides programs for the marginalized children in the community. Some of these children live in streets. Some are being watched over by their relatives as their parents are undergoing rehabilitation. It is heart wrenching to hear the stories of these children. We are grateful for Ate Ces and her family letting the kids enjoy experiences like these.

As the kids started getting ready they were all very excited and eager to head over to the play area. We asked them to wear their socks and the older kids helped the younger ones. The registration process was very quick due to the efficiency of the Active Fun staff and party organizers. As the play area was shared by a lot of children it was important to brief the kids to follow some rules while inside. They were reminded not to push other children or to throw balls at one another. We assigned several youth volunteers from CCT to watch over the younger children. We formed them into groups and partnered them with the CCT youth and our U! Happy team. The children laughed and shouted as they jumped into the first ball pit they saw. We went up all the way to the top and went down the giant 4-lane slide all at the same time. They took so much selfies as they were having so much fun. They also went up the top most part where they got to use the gun that fires out the balls. It was pretty much a safe play area as they put nets and all the corners were padded. There were also Active Fun staff inside the playground facility to make sure all the kids are doing ok. The kids ran around exploring every corner of the fascility and they definitely did not miss any part in the play area.

After the fun the kids got to enjoy the hearty meal at the Circus Cafe. There was so much food that some of the children weren’t able to finish all of them. There were also food carts like popcorn and potato twists on the stick. We had photos taken with Baby Adam and his basketball themed cake. The family, even Baby Adam, was wearing Jordans, in line with the basketball themed party. He had a Spurs cake made for him. The kids also got to enjoy some fruit punch and sweets. The two mascots from Active Fun namely, Daisy and Nep did several dance numbers to the delight of Baby Adam. He watched and clapped happily as they kept dancing. The kids from CCT also joined Nep and Daisy in the last dance number. We sang a Happy Birthday song for Adam Gabriel as Ate Ces gave the kids loot bags filled with treats. They hugged and thanked Ate Ces and her family for inviting them to Adam’s birthday celebration. As the best gifts come from the heart, we saw how much Ate Ces loves her Baby Adam and how she shared that love with the children of CCT.

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