248 Ate Vix’s Kite Flying with Shepherd of the Hills

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Written by Kuya Harvard

We planned kite flying last November 9 and got moved to the 16th due to typhoon Yolanda. Our team also responded to the immediate relief efforts required for our kababayans in the Visayan region. Let us continue to pray and move together for them.

It was a hot Saturday morning and we were praying for a more windy weather as everyone gears to fly kites. We invited 25 orphaned children from Shepherd of the Hills to be partnered with volunteers. Ate Vix Soliven happily sponsored. She came with her daughter, Lexi and close friends. We also had two other birthday celebrants, Ate Roma Fondevilla and Ate Issa Gayatin who co-sponsored the event.

Kuya Danny who was our first kite master last March spearheaded the workshop for us. Kites has been his hobby for 40 years! He started when he was only 8 years old. Kuya Harvard pointed out that kids should learn early whether that it be kites or any of their passions.

As the workshop progressed we also challenged the Ates and Kuyas to design the kites with their teams. Challenge was accepted and elevated to excellent creations. Some made hearts, flowers and even one pair having our logo in their masterpiece.

We got the wind. We got the excitement going. After an hour, we gave a go to fly kits at the Marikina Riverbanks Amphitheater. It was a great venue. Big open space, even ground and it was free. :)

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U! Happy Events