46 Avilon Zoo Tour with Lighthouse Foundation

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Written by Kuya Harvard

Avilon Zoo trip finally happened after this U! Happy Event was in the pipeline for months. Many of our volunteers were excited. They wanted to go for two reasons- animals in the flesh and spending it with the Kids.

59 Kids of Lighthouse Foundation in Commonwealth made it together with 10 members of their group. U! had a full battalion of 69 partner volunteers coming from an orientation and breakfast at McDo. So it was almost 1 to 1 as we wanted it- each Kid spending the day with their own Ate or Kuya.

The zoo tour was grouped into power 3! It was headed by board of trustee members Ate Jo-e, Ate Malou & Ate Te. Another member Kuya JB volunteered to video the event and do magic after. We are blessed to have their leadership! 🙂

“The event was planted a great memory!” says Ate Joy, another one of our hardworking board member. “People were talking about all the way back to Manila”, she adds.

After the tour, the group had their power lunch and jam packed entertainment. Kids had a talent show followed by Magic. The kids profiles were distributed as well. These are the tool for long term re-visits. The profiles contain complete details of their Kid partner. 🙂

U! Happy Events

U! Happy Events