26 Kids Olympics Year 1 with Jesus Loves the Little Children Foundation

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Written by Kuya Harvard

Congratulations to the Orange Team for winning the first ever Gold at Kids Olympics 2008! It was a full day designed to have fun friendship with 80 Kids from Jesus Loves the Little Children Foundation. Thank U! to all our mighty 80 Volunteers from U! Happy Events and Living Dreams, including 16 Marshalls and 15 Artists, 4 members of Red Cross for the First Aid and to Waters Philippines who provided as with endless mineral water for 8 hours! =)

Volunteers started gathering at Rain Forest Park’s pavilion and picnic ground as early as 730am. We wanted the Kuya and Ate to come 2 hours earlier than the Kids for registration, place set-up, breakfast and orientation. We were able to divide 80 volunteers to 8 team colors- red, yellow, green, blue, orange, purple, brown and the gay color, fuchsia. Each team had a set of Marshals and Assistant Marshals to run the games and tally its scores.

After the orientation, which showed more information about U!, Kids Olympics program and game mechanics, we proceeded to meet the Kids who were so excited to be paired with their Kuya and Ate. The pairing was a game in itself, as each one were looking for the same number indicated in their own IDs.

Parkour Philippines was up next. What is it? Parkour is an art of movement focusing on the adaptability of the human body to obstacles with a certain point to reach in the most efficient manner possible. It was made for the betterment of the self, and for others. They were 4 of them who helped us with the warm activity before the games; show the Kids and Volunteers practical tips; short application and finally they did a short exhibition. Thank U! guys. For more information about them, you can check- pkph.multiply.com.

The Larong Pinoy followed next. We had the teams follow their Marshals to the 4 game stations- Patintero, Agawan Base, Luksong Tinik and Doc Quack Quack. We had the initial two rounds of exciting match ups- each team fighting of another in simultaneous 4 game action. Each Larong Pinoy had its own art and fun aspect, but all having its physical and strategic requirements to win and excel in it.

After the first 2 rounds, we settled for adobo and veggies (Thank U! to Ate Cams for sending them over) as all volunteers huddled with the kids at the pavilion to do two things- eat their heart out and compare notes on Larong Pinoy. If U! were there, U! have witnessed how involved each person were in every game.

To relax everyone after a good meal, we invited everyone for a half hour tour of the park’s amenities. Two separate teams had a walk on different areas of the park. One team visited the butterfly garden and aviary, the other the mini zoo and swimming pool area. There is always a certain level of enthusiasm in seeing animals- and that’s exactly what we saw in the Kids.

As they went back, everyone had a welcome treat! Thank God for a no rain weather. Since it was a bit hot out there, we gave out ice cream. Thank U! Spread the Love for the 2 dirty ice cream carts! The cheese was still the best seller. =)

While everyone was busy eating ice cream- even manong, the one serving it, we started with first of two out of the ordinary shows- break dancing. Thank U! to Funk Roots Crew for an awesome break dance show. They are considered the best bboy crew of the Philippines. They have won mostly all local bboy competitions. We found ourselves jaw dropped as they performed like no other. For more information about them, check out- http://profiles.friendster.com/69820533.

Next of the show- Magic. There was our suki magical partners- JB dela Cruz, Ronnie Mariano and Oliver Magfi. They have always supported our U! Happy Events in full blast. The kids seemed to enjoy this much more. Every time they perform as a group, they always have a new magic to show. We highly recommend these guys to do magic for your own parties.

We went on to do the 2nd round of Larong Pinoy. We gave each team 15 minutes of play- in all 4 rounds, an hour of games, against 4 different teams in for 4 types of games. Whistles were provided at this point for more efficiency. The games were all done at around 245… and everyone await the final tally for the top 3 teams. We had gold, silver and bronze U! medals done. In order for us to cap off the medal standing, we settled next for Tug-U-War- Red versus Brown and Blue versus Orange.

The Tug-U-War was so intense! Both teams rallied their best Kids and Volunteers. On average, it lasted for 2 punishing minutes. Red won. Orange won. The final ranking was: 4th Brown, 3rd Red, 2nd Blue and top winner Orange as 1st.

We also had the U! Make Me Happy Letter during Krispy Kreme Merienda. Thank U! so much Krispy Kreme for yet another sponsored doughnut experience. They have given us 10,000 yummy doughnuts to date. The letters were the sentimental part of Kids Olympics- its freely expressing one’s happiness to its partner. The Kids had to write for their Volunteer and vice versa. U! should read some of the letters of these Kids- sniff. sniff. =)

The day finally ended with Gift Giving. We had Gibi Shoes and Unilab (Thanks Ate Malou & Ate Rizza) as our partners here. Thank U! for your donations. The kids love stuff toys (well, most of the volunteers too) and the vitamins, a big help to the Kids health.

The super final stops were in 3 parts- the usual grand picture taking, the closing remark speeches and the Profile Exchange. The picture was truly special for it showed the hearts that made this event very memorable- and one of the best ever. The closing remarks by Kuya Harvard and Ate Jo-e, the project head aimed towards re-visiting the Kids and continuing the support and love. The Profile Exchange is a trademark that we want everyone to emulate- this is the tool that will make the connections between Kuya and Ate to the Kids.

For everyone, Thank U! once again. U! have showed your Golden hearts in this event. U! truly went for the Gold, Volunteers. Thank U! to the following Marshalls and Assistant Marshalls:

Purple Team 1: Malou Galian and Camille Rosales
Red Team 2: Te Candano and Glenn Costales
Green Team 3: Ai Masuda and Diwata Reyes
Yellow Team 4: Patricia Camacho and Dianne Lonzaga
Blue Team 5: Claire Umali and Lui
Orange Team 6: Arky Mancao and Bens Diaz
Brown Team 7: Owen Cortes and Amy Gonzaga
Fuchsia Team 8: Isabel Cruz and Paulo Valencia

Thank U! to Ate Jo-e Villagarcia for making this project just the best it can be. Thank U! to Living Dreams Philippines for a great partnership and being with us all throughout all the past 4 events- Kids Adopt, Mulan’s Kids, Mock Kids Olympics and Kids Olympics. Thank U! much as well to Terrie who stood by us in coordinating with Jesus Loves the Little Children’s 100 Kids and their Moms. Thank U! so much also to God who made this event rain and accident free. He gave us the free life- for us to freely express our love to others especially to the Kids. =)

Congratulations to ALL! Who would have thought we can pull this successfully? Next Year- 08.08.09, 2nd Kids Olympics! Is it going to be Orange team once again? Is it red, yellow, green, blue, purple, brown or gay fuchsia’s turn? Get Ready! =)

We want U! to continue the game with the Kids and your Friends. Here is the final guide. Note that this is driven on a Pair basis for 10 Pairs per team. Please feel free to customize. Enjoy! =)

Agawang Base

Number of Players: 6 Pairs
Orientation: 5 Minutes
Formation: 2 Minutes
Rounds or Playing Time: 8 Minutes

Round restarts:
1. Base is captured, all prisoners set free.
2. Prisoner(s) are tapped from other team’s base- set free.
3. Not organized, confusion, accident.

1. Each pair of each team should act as one on everything- they have to hold each other’s hand.
2. Players can only run within the perimeter markings.
3. To capture the base of the opponent, any pair has to touch the base of other team.

Point system:
1. Capture the other team’s base- 15 points.
2. Capture a prisoner by tagging member from other team- 3 points.
3. Go pass safety line and go back to base- 1 point.

1. Stepping or running outside the game area- 3 points.
2. Leaving the opponent’s base prior to being saved by team players- 6 points.
3. Running separately from partner- 6 points.


Number of Players: 7 defense, 10 pairs offense
Orientation: 3 Minutes
Formation: 2 Minutes per side  4 minutes
Rounds or Playing Time: 4 Minutes per side- offense & defense  8 minutes

Round restarts:
1. All members have crossed to the other side.
2. Not organized, confusion, accident.

1. If the offense members gets tagged in any part of their body by the defense, that’s out.
2. The defense must have 7 members as blockers- 3 volunteers, 4 kids.
3. The offense will all have to run to the end individually. All players must participate.
4. Attackers may cross simultaneously.

Point system:
Every member that crosses- 10 points.

1. The defense- Blocker steps outside his/her designated line- 5 points.
2. The offense- Attacker runs outside the game area- 2 points plus player is out of contention.

Doc Quack Quack

Number of Players: 6 pairs
Orientation: 3 Minutes
Formation: 1 minute set up time per round, 15 second intervals.
Rounds or Playing Time: 1 minute to solve. As many rounds in 12 minutes include set up, interval & solve.

Round restarts:
1. The other team solves the team in 1 minute limit.
2. Team separates any part of the body of the other team.
3. Not organized, confusion,

1. The hands or any part of the body must not be separated in solving. If it does, other team wins.
2. Team must look into the other direction while the other team is setting up.

Point system:
1. Team solves the problem- 20 points every round.
2. Win because of separation- 5 points.

Luksong Tinik

Number of Players: All pairs.
Orientation: 2 Minutes
Formation: 1 minute
Rounds or Playing Time: 1 round per team, 6 minutes time limit  2 rounds, 12 minutes.

Round restarts:
1. The other team finishes its turn.
2. Not organized, confusion, accident.

1. The formation on defense will be 2 kids and 2 volunteers beside each other- no space in between.
Sequence of formation:
A. Feet together.
B. The other foot placed on top of the other foot.
C. One hand stretched (palm facing the side) and placed on top of the toes.
D. The other hand placed of top of the other.
2. No point given if a player touches any body part of the defense while crossing the obstacle.
3. Each player of each team must cross. Turn may not be passed on to the other members of the team.
4. Teams may strategize on how to cross the obstacle which may include lifting or bridging.

Point system:
Each successful pass per person for different sequence of formation:
A. 1 point. B. 2 points. C. 3 points D. 6 points.

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