150 Kids Olympics Year 2 with Little Lights Ministry

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Written by Kuya Harvard

This was our 7th U! Can event. Kids Olympics rode on the hype of Olympics in a Filipino way. Instead of the competitive sport events, we played Larong Pinoy with kids from Little Lights. We went customizing Patintero, Agawan Base and Tumbang Preso to fit the group size and idea of partnering with kids.

Here are the mechanics of the games if you wish to use them on your own groups:

Agawang Base

1. Each pair of each team should act as one on everything- they have to hold each other’s hand.
2. To get points, one must get the ribbon of any kid of the opposing team. IDs for the volunteers.
3. Players can only run within the perimeter markings. If not, they will be taken out.
4. To capture the base of the opponent, any pair has to touch the base of other team.

Point system:
1. Capture the other team’s base- 5 points.
2. Capture a prisoner by getting their ribbons- 1 point.


1. If the offense members gets tagged in any part of their body by the defense, that’s out.
2. The defense must have 7 members as blockers- 4 volunteers, 3 kids.
3. The offense will all have to run to the end individually. All players must participate.
4. Attackers may cross simultaneously.
5. Strategy comes in place when teams use distractions with the help of other players to score.

Point system:
Every member that crosses- 1 point.

Tumbang Preso

1. At 2 minute per round, Offense attempts to hit the cans using 2 stress balls, the defense tries to block them.
2. Offense- the kids throw, the volunteer retrieves. Defense- both kids and volunteers try to block.
3. Strategy comes in place when teams use distractions with the help of other players to score.

Point system:
Every can that got hit with stress ball- 1 point.

Little Lights was our partner once again. They provide christian values and feeding programs to two areas in Metro Manila- Cainta and Pateros. Through the things they teach, their groups also hopes that they get rubbed to the kids parents. They are headed by the power couple, Pastor Joseph Casaje and Ms. Jeanette Casaje.

We also had the usual magic show. This time we invited Kuya Ronnie Mariano. We invited a young singer, Pauline Hanani who serenaded us with two songs. Last was dance numbers from our group headed by Ate Racquel and Ate Nikki. The kids from Little Lights also performed. Before we ended we awarded the Olympic medals to 3 teams. Team H won the bronze, Team D for silver and Team G for the Gold.

See you 4 years from now for Kids Olympics 2016! 🙂

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