21 Kids Nature 1 with Tao of Human Caravan Advocates

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Written by Kuya Harvard

The 20th U! Happy Event was in partnership with Tao of Human Caravan Advocates- they have been supporting the Wawa community for a long time- since 1996. The group headed by Lichello Cammayo was very dedicated to this project. This event was probably the most difficult to put together given the venue plus we needed to get bus for everyone! The trek needed security and the volunteers had to wear rubber shoes.

The day started real early at 8am. Thank you partner volunteers for being on time. Mcdo provided a great venue for all 75 of us. An Id game encouraged everyone to meet new friends- the volunteer with most signatures in his or her own Id wins a happy meal. The assembly was also a great time to know more about U! We showed to them are new edited video c/o one of the core members, Jo-e. We were running late and headed to the bus… some decided to convoy including volunteers from IBM.

We reached Wawa, Rizal finally after getting diverted for an hour. All 100 kids greeted us with a shout of Mabuhay despite being hungry… so we did adobo lunch first. Immediately after was JB’s Magic show. What a performance it was… you can see so much smiles from the kids in the pictures.

We proceeded with Still waters version of the game of pera or bayong. Still Waters is a young Christian Church based in UP. The format was to discover how great Jesus is through the kid’s positive characteristics. The Trek finally followed much anticipation. We had a really long line up the Wawa dam. The parents and some members of the barangay helped out in trek security- safety first!

Everyone went back with much fatigue but smiling. The trek was breathtaking! The pictures you see here will make you want to go there as well. Once back, we had Krispy Kreme for everyone… and there was a long line for water by Waters Philippines. Oh, by the wway, the kids did an art workshop while we were at Mcdo… we displayed these and encouraged volunteers to buy them for their education. It was just P200… and alot of the volunteers supported this cause. Thank U!

Next was my personal favorite all the time, the Kids Presentation. It was a song and dance number headed by Janet, one of the Tao volunteers. Everyone did the number again together. A new addition to our Happy Events was the U! Make Me Happy Letter… the kids and volunteers wrote messages to each other… some of the one’s i read can make you cry!

We ended the program with gift by Johnson & Johnson’s gifts to the kids. The picture taking was the last stop as usual. It took another 20 minutes for goodbye’s. What a day… we ended at 430! Thank U! for everyone who made this event one of the best ever. You guys are the Best. The Kids of Wawa are no longer wawa because of U! Let’s keep going! :)

U! Happy Events

U! Happy Events