9 Kids Dream with UP Ictus

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Written by Kuya Harvard

Kids Dream: Back to School for Payatas Kids
June 23, 10am at Shakey’s Ever Gotesco Commonwealth and at Payatas .
50 Elementary Payatas Kids for Scholarship
140 Families of Payatas for Community Visit
56 Volunteers from U! and UP ICTUS

Kids Dream was in partnership with UP ICTUS (In Christ Trust for University Students). Their volunteers were all college students with the goal of providing education for Payatas kids as one of their primary goals. The event started with a magic show done by the famous “Amazing Arnold”, followed by parable story telling and then the regalo or bayong game. Shakey’s Ever Gotesco Commonwealth was a perfect venue to conduct these activities for 50 Payatas Kids and 56 partner voulnteers. After the 3 activities, we proceeded to payatas to visit the community. We were able to distribute books for most of the kids and gifts consiting of various products from our sponsors.

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U! Happy Events