985 Josef’s 1st Birthday with Gentle Hands kids

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Written by: Ate Charmain Tan, External Vice President

It was the first birthday celebration of Baby Josef. Parents Mommy Maja and Daddy Jolon invited 25 children of Gentle Hands to celebrate with them. Gentle Hands, located in Project 4 Quezon City, is a child and youth welfare agency that provides assistance to children and youth at risk. Through donations they are able to provide a home for these children while fulfilling their educational and psychological needs. Mommy Maja had volunteered with U! Happy Events previously before having a child. Now that she has Baby Josef she wanted to share her blessings by inviting these children to the celebration. Their friends and family were also there to celebrate with them.

We played a couple of games to start of the afternoon. The first game was Pass the Charades. Kids were separated into groups and formed straight lines. Everyone except the person in front faced the back. We would give an animal at the start of each round to the first member of the team. The person then had to tell the next person what the animal was by acting it out. They passed on the action until it reached the last person in line. He then would run to Ate Rica and Kuya Matt and tell them what the animal was. The first team that gave the correct answer got a point. it was funny watching the kids act out the animals. Horse was acted out as rabbit and Tiger became cat. They also acted out pig, bat, and others.

The second game we played was Arrange Yourselves. We gave a category and teams would have to arrange themselves in order. We asked them to arrange themselves by height from the shortest to the tallest. We also asked them to arrange themselves according to who had the smallest shoe to the biggest, shortest hair to the longest. The kids were very competitive, especially Rafa, who made sure his team won. Winners of the games got to pick a toy from the overflowing prize table Mommy Maja prepared.

The next program was the magic show by Kuya Mac. He did the crowd favorite tricks like doves flying out of books and endless gift boxes coming out of a brown paper bag. He got several children to volunteer and help him out with his magic tricks. All the kids raised their hands while Kuya Mac picked a kid. The final act was the flying table where a child volunteer and Kuya Mac held on to the table as if magically flew over the children.

The next program was balloon twisting of Ate Divine. She created shapes from balloons and asked the children to guess what it was as she was making them. The child that guessed correctly got a prize. She made flower, sword, gun, poodle, and others. Kids Jaime, Basti, Roger, and Christine were able to make correct guesses and got prizes.

The next program was Ventriloquy. As Ate Rica introduced the next performer she asked the kids what is art of speaking with no lip movement. Most of the other kids answered puppet show but there was one kid who got the correct answer ventriloquy. The ventriloquist first had a mongoose that kept moving and climbing up his shoulders. The kids laughed as they all tried touching the furry animal. He then introduced his rocker friend Brody in his suspenders, plaid shirt and orange hair. Brody was so funny introducing himself to the kids. He said he was Elsa and started signing Let It Go. Everyone was laughing nonstop. He also said he wanted to be Barney and a dinosaur when he grows up.

After the fun filled afternoon we all got to enjoy great food. There were chicken, mini burger, spaghetti, and tiramisu. The kids didn’t forget to head to the dessert station where they got to try chocolates, macarons, and ice cream. After resting for a bit it was time to wish Baby Josef a happy birthday. A Precious Moments Angel came out holding Baby Josef’s cake. All the kids sang the birthday song for him. The family also gave out precious moments pillows, school supplies, and loot bags filled with candies. The kids then went to the stage to have a photo with Baby Josef and his family. With his light brown curls, Baby Josef indeed stole the hearts of everyone. We thank him and his family for giving the opportunity to these children to experience such as wonderful birthday celebration.

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