802 Johnson & Johnson’s Puppet Making with Virlanie Foundation

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Written by Board Member, Ate Charmain Tan

We spent our Wednesday afternoon at Virlanie Foundation in Makati, a private organization reaching out to street children in the Philippines. Since 1992, the foundation has been caring for children in need of protection – those who are abandoned, abused, orphaned, and others. We have partnered with Virlanie since 2012 and we have done numerous events with them at their different homes. Ate Grace of Virlanie talked about the foundation, the different clusters which cares for the children within different age groups, and also the process of how the kids are sheltered in Virlanie.

We have partnered with Johnson & Johnson in our past events, like the Mind Museum & Kidzania tours. Today the children were visited by Johnson & Johnson’s volunteers from the IT and HR departments. They were visiting from different countries like the US, Canada, Malaysia, Singapore, and others.

We grouped the kids and volunteers into four and the teams were able to get to know one another by introducing themselves and talking about their dreams. The kids were all energetic and excited and they kept hugging the volunteers. We then played the Modified In and Out Hula Game. A certain number of people from each team had to be inside and outside the hula hoops. Kuya Harvard gave categories and those that belonged to the category either had to be inside or outside of the hula hoops. For instance, all those wearing long sleeved dress shirts had to be inside the hula. They all laughed as they scrambled as fast as they could to go inside or stay out of the hula hoops.

We then had our Art Workshop with our artist Kuya Robby. He taught the kids how to make puppets using colored papers. The volunteers guided the children as they created animated puppets. The kids had fun playing with them afterwards.

Aside from spending the afternoon with the children J&J also gave them gifts like toys, bags, and books. They also donated boxes of food items to the Foundation. The kids then got to have their afternoon snacks as they hugged and thanked their ates and kuyas for spending time with them.

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