728 Johnson & Johnson’s Mind Museum Tour with Visions of Hope Children

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Written by Kuya Harvard

For the second time in two months, corporate giant and world leader in hygiene products, Johnson & Johnson partnered with us for field trips with our children from two communities. Today, it was at Mind Museum with 64 children from Center for Community Transformation Visions of Hope located in Puypuy, Laguna.

This outreach activity is part of their Inspire conference for HR Managers in the Asia Pacific region. That explains why most of them are foreigners. Children from CCT on the other hand were all first timers at The Mind Museum and were too excited leading to this unique experience.

Before going around for a tour with volunteers, we gathered at the auditorium for a science experiment. Lead by two scientists, they showed us what Liquid Nitrogen can do. Did you know its -192 degrees below 0? It’s so cold demonstrators had to wear gloves. Adults and kids were all mesmerized with what they saw- 12 balloons fitting in a small container, eating meringue with liquid nitrogen and so on. Even I was amazed being a big fan of science.

As they went around for a good one hour, we also integrated a contest. We gave pieces of paper with questions. Children with the help of adults find answers around The Mind Museum.

Winner received toys and medals while the rest of children received gift packs. Before we end, hugs were given. Some children even rushed to find where their partners where to say good bye.

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