868 Joanique Fashion Accessories’ Christmas Tree Pop Up Card with Jesus Loves the Little Children Foundation

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Written by U! Happy Events’ Staff, Ate Michaela Maligaya

Since Christmas is just around the corner, parties and festivities pop up here and there. Some feast with their families; some drink and dine with their friends and officemates. Some go home in their provinces; some decide to fly outside the country. But for some, the best way to celebrate Christmas is sharing their blessings with strangers, especially to the true center of the season—the children.

One of those few is Ms. Malou Romero from Joanique Fashion Accessories Corporation. She brought along her kids, Joaquin and Monique, with her creative team ate Bea, ate Suyenne and ate Dana, to celebrate early Christmas with 44 kids from Jesus Loves the Little Children Foundation in Pasig. From grades 1 up to 5, the students were grouped into 5 together with Ms. Malou and the rest of her team and participated in the activities prepared for that day.

Kuya Harvard from U! Happy grouped the kids together with the sponsors into 5 groups for the games. They first had Stock Up game where each group was given paper cups. A mathematical equation was given per round, and the group who was able to get the right answer by using the correct number of paper cups stuck up into a pyramid earned a point. Everyone was shouting and having fun while using their basic math skills in this exercise. Next, the game required team coordination and communication in putting down a giant hoolah hoop placed atop two fingers of each member surrounding it.

Since Christmas season has begun, ate Blanca also taught the kids how to make a pop up Christmas card which they can give to their parents, loved ones and friends. With the use of colored papers, glue and pair of scissors, the kids were able to creatively make their own cards with sweet messages inside. Basic balloon twisting lesson was also provided with the guidance of ate Divine. Everyone was able to twist their own balloon sword.

But wait, there’s more! Before the kids were sent home, Ms. Malou and her team distributed baskets containing goods for the children to share with their families. Toys and other prizes were all over the place, as well. It was truly an early Merry Christmas for the kids and for our sponsor who received the gift of joy from our little children’s warm hugs of thanks.

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