937 JCI Manilena’s Easter Egg Hunt with Happy Land

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Written by Kuya Harvard

Another partnership with JCI Manilena came to past and at it was to celebrate Easter. Other JCI chapters in Metro Manila joined as well. These included other JCI chapters we are also partners with like JCI Makati Princess Urduja and JCI Quezon City Capitol.

We got to invite 30 children from the community of Happy Land in Tondo, Manila. And these group of children are current beneficiaries of JCI Manilena. Some of them are familiar to us as they are also being reached out by two of our partners, John David Salvador and Project Pearls.

It was a morning filled with activities and I sort of required our JCI friends to partner with one child for all the things we will be doing. And the first was getting to know one another. It was essentially the most important task as it jump starts great camaraderie and foster better relationships.

The main activity was Easter Egg Hunt along F. Ortigas Road in Ortigas but we also had an In or Out Game and a magic show to the delight of everyone. Face painting activities was also in the loop as the program ran and a feast of dirty ice cream happened towards the end of our morning.

After the meals and gift giving to the kids of Happy Land, the members of JCI gathered for their own version of boodle fight. It was a symbol of synergy and relationship among their organizations.

U! Happy Events

U! Happy Events