38 Ate Janise Celebrates with Tuklasan

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Written by Kuya Harvard

These are pictures of one of the many partnership we have this Christmas for the Kids. This time we were bless by the Barkada of Janise- Bheng, Valerie, Oliver, Jed and DJ. She’s a friend of one of our partners in the foundation, Kuya Stephen. 🙂

The wonders of connecting people to Bless others. U! Happy Events together with its pool of partners continue to make Kids smile. The simple recipe- Sponsor connected to a Beneficiary = U! Happy Event!

It was not a simple Christmas Celebration with Tuklasan. Ate Janise and her “childlike” group, blended very well with the Kids. They were so connected that they decided to come back right away after this one. We say, its never too hard to connect with Kids.

There were strings of games including the infamous longest line. The day went extra special with Tuklasan kids trademark- their dance. The volunteers were not only spectators but eventually the dancers as well. Ang Galeng. 🙂

If U! wish to make the recipe work, contact us at 09188884278. Let’s continue to make it sweet for Tuklasan kids and many more out there. U! Happy Events has a database of hundreds of orphanage and community based Kids.

Thank U! 🙂

U! Happy Events

U! Happy Events